One Time Event

November 05, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I was on the bike and heading to NewSpring. I was doing about 70 down the highway, and the bike starts to cut out and sputter. Hmmm, the top tank must be empty. No worries, I will switch to reserve and fill up later. I switch over, the bike starts to take off again, then, it starts to sputter. Hmmm, must of not gotten it completely over to reserve. Messed with it a little and, no go. I pulled over to the side of the road and it died. "Great!" Out of gas on the side of the road. On a bike.


I hear someone yell at me. I look around and there is some guy in his backyard, standing on his tiptoes looking over the fence. (The part of the highway was on runs along a neighborhood.) The guy yells, "You out of gas?" I replied, "Yea, it looks like it." I get off the bike and check the take switch orientation. It looks like it had been on reserver the whole time, so it was really out of gas. I look around and the guy is gone and then thought to myself, I guess I will call someone and see if they can bring me some gas. Looks like I will, at best, be late, and worst, won't make it.


The next thing I know, the guy is back at the fence yelling at me again, so I walked over to the fence and he has a gas can. He says, "Can you reach it if I hand it over to you? " "Yea, I can." He hands me the can, I walk back up to the bike and splash about a gallon or so in, put the cap back and walk the can back to the fence. While i was walking back to the fence, I pull my wallet out and look in and have a 10. The guy reaches over the fence to grab the can and I slap the 10 into his hand. He looks at it and says, "No way. You didn't put $10 worth of gas in your tank." I said "I really appreciate you being here, right at the very place where I ran out of gas, and it was worth every penny." He says, "Well, I don't know about that." And I said, "Well, I do! And God bless you." He said thanks, I handed him the gas can, I said thanks again, then walked back to the bike, hopped on, hit the starter, fired it up and took off. 


This may never happen again but I love people that make an effort to help someone in need and make me strive to be a better person. I hope I see him again sometime and its awesome to know you have someone always looking out for you.


More later...


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