While we are on the subject (Mac)

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I have only been a Mac user for the last 5 or 6 years. The MacBook is my go to device. I have only had/have two MacBooks, an 11" MacBook Air and a 15" MacBook Pro. I use my MBP all the time, and it is still fast after all these years. I even run VMware (Fusion for Mac) so I can have Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, and a version of Linux at my fingertips. The MacBook Air I use exclusively at work. I get lots of calls and text messages every day on my iPhone. I have the MBA connected to an 28" 8MP monitor at work. When my iPhone rings, I click 'Accept' on the top right corner of the screen, put my headset on and talk through the MBA. Same thing when I get a text message. It pops up on the screen of the MBA and I can type a reply or start a new conversation from there. I don't have to touch the iPhone. Anything I do on either Mac is on my iPhone and anything I do on my iPhone is on my two Macs. The only thing I would change on my MBP is increase the size of my storage. At the time, the 512GB SSD was all that was available. The 1TB and 2TB are now available. BUT, I may hold out for the new MBP, that I showed in my last post. (It may be a while.)


Anyway, with all that said, I have seen every one of these and have had the opportunity to play with a few of them, at one time or another. Some of these are truly junk. And I am not saying now, I mean even then when they first came out. But this is what hardcore Mac users have endured over time. I got this short video from Mac. 


Mac Evo


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