Siri is Dead?

June 07, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

OK. She was dead. Every since 'Hey Siri' was released, it has never worked for me. I have read countless articles about how its a bug in the iOS or you have to change the config on your phone to 'This' in order to get it to work, and on and on.


So after a year of have Siri turned off, I happened to be at Simply Mac. Wichita's only real (almost real) Mac/Apple store, getting a laptop worked on, and while I was waiting, I thought to ask, what's up with Hey Siri? They were a little surprised and asked what I was talking about. I handed them my phone. They played with it for a minute then plugged it into a dock. With in a minute or two they said, 'Oh, your front microphone is dead'. Great. So much for the bug idea.


So a couple of months go by and I Google'd 'iphone front mic' and found that lots of people have had this problem. After a little research, it turns out, the mic is on a ribbon cable along with a sensor, and front camera. I also found that this little ribbon cable, with all of its attached devices is about $8. So I hopped on Amazon and ordered it. 

Once I had the cable I looked at what it would take to get into my phone which turns out to be only two tiny screws at the bottom of the phone that keep it together. I also found out that they are special tiny screws and I didn't have anything that I could use to get them out. So back to Amazon. I found a kit with everything i needed (and more) for $8.  

With that, I was able to open up my phone and replace the bad cable. It seems that the front mic is very susceptible to moisture and will fail. I don't remember getting my phone wet but who knows. Anyway, Siri lives and I am now using her as much as I can. 


With that, I don't recommend that anyone try taking their phone apart, everything inside is very small and easily damaged. Almost every screw I had to remove on the inside was a different size so you have to pay very close attention to where everything came from. I have seen a few YouTube videos of people that work on phones all the time. Some of these people have no business being in that business and quite frankly, I cannot believe some of the phones worked at all after they had touched them. The thing is, if you have a broken phone and take it to them, they work on it, and it doesn't work when they are done, or, they say you need this and that part to fix it, there is no way for you to know if they broke it more phone due to negligence. Its sad.  


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