The Dance **UPDATE**

June 03, 2016  •  2 Comments

So, after a few showings, someone is interested in the house. Now the dance begins. 

Well, more over, the race to find a house is really on.

We did look at a cool house in Eastborough. Here is the LINK. But, it needs about $200K of reno (or you could say a complete gut job). And when I say that, it technically isn't a place you would want to live in until its done. 

It would be very cool in the end but that is one project I don't think I want. 


Did I mention that I hate the dance? Well...   ...we are officially homeless. Well not for a little while, but very soon. Now the real pain begins.


We are looking at a couple tomorrow out west, a couple out east and a couple in between. We haven't picked anything yet.
Lori Wiesner(non-registered)
What happen to coming out west?
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