Master Bath Vanity **update**

June 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Well, the master bath sliding door project got bigger. Bunny decided she didn't like the vanity top and wanted to replace it with granite. OK. I can't completely disagree with that. 

Here is what it started out as.



So i pulled the top off. 


OK. Well I didn't like that there was open space on each side of the cabinet and, I would like the the new top to go wall to wall rather than have that open space on each side. 



But, if I make the top go wall to wall then there will be an open space below it and that will look dumb. So I needed to create a filler to go between the cabinet and wall. But then I needed to remove some trim. What a pain...  ...but here is what i came up with. 



Now I'm thinking, how am I going to match the stain. Then Bunny says, "Lets paint it black." I am thinking, black granite on a black cabinet is going to be a lot of black. So I say, "What if we paint it white?" That was a hit and this is what we've got.



The top was delivered. Here it is. 



Here it is with the bowl and fixture setting on it. 




And here it is finished, with the sides, backsplash, drawer fronts and pulls back on. What a hug improvement.  




More Later...


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