Master Bath ** UPDATED **

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So, Bunny is tired of me getting up every morning and turning the bathroom light on. That probably isn't a problem in most homes, but it it in ours. You see, the shower and toilet are in a room with a door but the vanity/sink is exposed to the bedroom, like in a hotel. I don't know what they were thinking. Here is a staged pic of the space when the house was for sale. 


The coset is on the left and shower/toilet on the right. 



Needless to say, Bunny asked if I could close it in. Well, yea, I guess. But that would mean pulling trim, removing sheetrock and flooring. What a pain. Then...   ...what if, we put a pair of sliding doors up instead. Yea! Thats a great idea. Right?!?!  Lets find out. 


First, I pulled a little sheetrock out at the top of each side, measured the span, then cut a 4x6 beam to fit. Thats a pressure treated 4x6. That was the cheapest thing in could find. A couple of taps with a hammer and its in. I drove 6 8" bolts in. I don't think its going to move. 



So, it looks OK, sorta. But it would look a lot better if it were wrapped with cedar. Yea. Lets do that. Then I can stain it. 


So this is from the sink side. I have half of the wrap complete.



Heres the outside view. 



Full wrap. I extended the cedar across the wall on both sides so it would be behind the track. You can see, on the right, I had to add a little extra. You will never know once the stain is on. 





Bunny wants it done NOW! So, while I was at work, she stained it. She used the same stain we used on the mantel. 


Its hard to tell but I have the track up. I did that so I would know how long the doors needed to be. They will be a little longer than standard. 90 1/4" long x 32" wide. She already has the handles picked out. Now I just have to get the doors. The next size up is an 8 foot door, so thats what I'm getting, times 2.



So the doors are finally in. What a beast. I need to remove 5 and 3/4 of an inch total from the door. So I calculated what the percentage difference was between the top and bottom, (the bottom of the door has more space between the bottom panel and the floor than the top), took that percentage and calculated how much I need to remove from the top and bottom to get my 5 3/4 inches. I marked my lines.



I stacked the two doors on top of each other so I only had to mark and cut once and I knew they would both be exactly the same. I used my 4 foot level as a guid for my circular saw and made my cuts. 



I set the door in place to see how it would fit. (Ha! It turns out an 8 foot tall 5 panel door is really 6 panels.)



Next, I laid it down, drilled the holes for the hangers. 



I bolted on the hangers and hung them to test how they would really fit and to make any adjustments before they were painted. They seem to look OK and roll really nice. 




Yeah, thats me taking the shot. Oh, and one more change back there. The mirror. 



So now, take them down, unbolt everything, paint both doors, bolt the hangers and handles on, hang them both back up and see what it looks like. 




Mote Later...


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