Coffee Table

January 20, 2018  •  4 Comments

Bunny comes in and says, "Can you make me a coffee table?". I said sure, what does it need to look like? And she gives me this. 



So here we go. It takes 4 2X4's ripped down to 3" wide and 4 2X6's ripped down to 5" wide. 



I cut most of the lumber to the lengths I need. Here is most of what is needed for the legs. I will save the diagonal cuts for lasts so I can make sure they are the right size.



Now I can rip them to the right width.



I drilled all my pocket holes and now I'm attaching the feet...   ...or top rails, depending on how you look at it. 


Here is the bottom shelf. I failed to get a shot of the cut lumber along with the pock holes. This is the first sanding. 


This is how it will look once its attached. 



Here it is attached to the sides along with the top center support.



I finished gluing and screwing the top together. 



Here it is with the top attached. 


The original plans only show one pocket hole at the end of each 2x6 for attaching the end pieces. After going online to look something up, I saw they used two pocket holes for each board. so rather than trying to drill the pocket holes in the main top, I drilled them in the end boards. It doesn't look that great from the underside. If I do another, I have made notes so it will look better next time. I measured and cut the cross support. Yea, I stood on it just to make sure it could be used as a step stool. You never know.


 Here is it stained and poly'd. She wanted it dark. It's dark. I used a flat polyurethane to give it a more rustic look. You don't need a coster. This stuff is just about bulletproof. 



And here it is with the Bunny touch. 


More Later...



Thanks, man! Its a lifetime of accumulated stuff.
Very Nice Ed. I think I need your tool room at my house :)
JED!!! I need one STAT!!
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Good post.Thank you for sharing the each stages in the post.Looking forward for more post like this.
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