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Floating Desk

December 30, 2018
Well, its been a minute since my last post. I was asked if I could build a floating desk as a Christmas gift. The below pic is what was requested. The desk shown below...
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Coffee Table

January 20, 2018
Bunny comes in and says, "Can you make me a coffee table?". I said sure, what does it need to look like? And she gives me this. So here we go. It takes 4 2X4's rip...
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Shiplap, Master Bath

December 28, 2017
Bunny asked if I could shiplap the small space behind the mirror in the master bath. Sounds easy enough. I used 1/8" underlayment plywood cut to 6" widths. Here is what...
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December 14, 2017
Bunny asked if I could make some reindeer from tree branches, so here is Jeff. Bunny: I want to call him Vincent. Me: Why Vincent? Bunny: He should be named after one...
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Hey Facebook. I'mmmmm baaaaack! (Update at bottom)

November 13, 2017
Yes. Its true. I am back on Facebook. I signed up, at the first of the year, to be a small group leader to some high school guys. I was told that I need a way to stay con...
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The Kitchen Valance

August 29, 2017
So Bunny came up and said, 'I would like to put a valance on the kitchen windows. I already have the material I want to use.' OK, so what do you want it to look like. She...
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The Turtle

August 19, 2017
This isn't much. Bunny and I took a few hours to have some fun together and paint/glaze some ceramics. There is a place called 'You're Fired'. We stopped in and had some...
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New Domain?

July 27, 2017
Yeah, I bought a new domain. I will be setting up email for it soon. I will still have and, more than likely, continue to use it as my primary...
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Master Bath ** UPDATED **

July 27, 2017
So, Bunny is tired of me getting up every morning and turning the bathroom light on. That probably isn't a problem in most homes, but it it in ours. You see, the shower a...
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TheFuse-ReWired 2017

June 19, 2017
Camp!! We spent 4 days with over 500 middle and high schoolers. I have never......and I mean Never, been someplace where there are two concerts a day. TheFuse is high sch...
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Master Bath Vanity **update**

June 17, 2017
Well, the master bath sliding door project got bigger. Bunny decided she didn't like the vanity top and wanted to replace it with granite. OK. I can't completely disagree...
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Basement Office ***Last Update***

May 28, 2017
I will be updating this as I go along. *** Scroll to, about, the bottom to see the last entry. *** Here is what I started with. Well......thats not my stuff. That is...
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Interior Doors

May 23, 2017
Finally, after months. I have all the interior doors replaced in the house. There were 2 or 3 different kinds of doors installed. Some where in bad shape. The door going...
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Trip to Oregon

May 10, 2017
Bunny and I were invited to go to Oregon over the weekend to attend a wedding. Our nephew got married to an amazing woman. We took a couple of extra days so we could visi...
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March 08, 2017
I have not been slacking. (Too much) The last couple of weeks, I am getting ready to post my latest project. This one is for my shop, which I have not been able to work o...
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